Dune (2021) - Baron Vladimir Harkonnen 12" Action Figure

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Dune (2021) - Baron Vladimir Harkonnen 12” Action Figure

The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen hovers menacingly out from the eagerly anticipated adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic science fiction novel Dune, created by the masterful filmmaker Denis Villeneuve.

The Baron is evil personified, a gluttonous force of malevolence, who is determined to feed his addiction to brutality. He’s a gravity-defying monster of a man, gliding through the air like a phantom of cruelty, the all-consuming figurehead of House Harkonnen who rules through fear, determined to take back the throne of galactic power and reclaim the spice-rich sands of Dune from House Atreides by whatever deadly means necessary.

Towering over his subjects at 12 inches tall floating atop his Dune themed base, the Baron action figure has been expertly crafted with authentic details based on Denis Villeneuve’s visonary movie Dune, and showcased in themed window box packaging.

Rule your Dune collection with the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen 12” Action Figure by McFarlane Toys.