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Gunpla 40th Anniversary! The [RX-78-2 Gundam] designed by Kunio Okawara is integrated with the technology cultivated in the [HG Series]!
Pursue [Beautiful posing] and [Mobility and proportions]. A number of gimmicks are provided throughout the body that allow for natural poses.
A design that re-examines the design of First Gundam and pursues it to the limit as [BEYOND GLOBAL].
Adopting forward bending and swinging movable structure on the body. The neck axis is also movable back and forth.
A joint that bends inward at the base of the thigh to achieve a more human-like pose.
Independent movement of the wrist allows free movement of the jointed shield.
The wrist block can be moved as a separate part with a ball joint, and can be used to produce powerful movements such as gripping a fist.
The hip joint swings and moves greatly forward. In addition, the rear skirt expands greatly, allowing it to move backwards.
The block on the side of the chest is responsible for the movement of the part corresponding to the scapula.

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