Ichiban Kuji: Dragon Ball Ex World Tournament Super Battle

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Ichiban Kuji set of 80 pcs / tickets. Plus 1 x 'Last One' Prize.


A Prize: Vegeta Figure x 2 (H:20cm)
B Prize: Nappa Figure x 2 (H:25.5cm)
C Prize: Kaioken Goku Figure x 2 (H:18.5cm)
D Prize: Gohan Figure x 1 (H:11.5cm)
E Prize: Saibamen Figure x 3 (H:9cm)
F Prize: Mini Figure x 10 [4 Styles] (H:3-7cm)
G Prize: Coaster x 16 [6 Styles] (H:9cm)
H Prize: Towel x 24 [8 Styles] (Long Towel H:60cm, Hand Towel H:30cm)
I Prize: Illustration Board x 20 [6 Styles] (A3 Size)

LAST ONE PRIZE: Figure x 1 (H:25.5cm)

How to play:



If you order online and would like a video of us selecting and opening your
tickets before posting your prizes please message us through our facebook page.