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From the TV anime “No Game No Life”, Kotobukiya Shiro Figure, one of the two identities of the gamer “Blank” and Sora’s younger sister, is turned into a figure for the first time!

In Disboard, a world where everything is decided by games, the genius gamer “Blank”, who in the human world is a hikikomori, might become the savior of humanity…!

The first detail that attracts the eye is Shiro’s rainbow-colored hair softly spreading around her. The accents created by the red shadows contribute to capture the distinctive vivid coloring used in the anime.
The piece in her hand and the base resembling a chessboard represent her favorite game, chess.
Be sure to check out all the fine details such as the gold crown and the knee-high sock about to fall off!

This figure will allow you to enjoy to your heart’s content the cute and mysterious atmosphere surrounding the genius girl Shiro, sitting on a chessboard with a chess piece in her hand.

Height (approx): 15.5cm (6.1″)

Estimated Release Date: 30/06/2020*

*Release dates are estimates only.