Shangri-La Frontier, Vol. 5

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A fast-paced, irreverent adventure for fans of isekai and RPGs! High schooler Rakuro loves hunting down "trash games," but one day he decides to play a AAA VR game called Shangri-La Frontier instead. He creates a character with a bird head, skips the cutscenes and jumps right in--but what awaits him in this game is different from anything he's ever faced...


The fight against Wethermon has been a brutal battle of attrition. Entering the final phase of the boss fight, Pencilgon's team is battered, but not broken. While Sunraku goes one-on-one with Wethermon, Pencilgon and OiKatzo team up against Wethermon's mecha-steed. Most of Pencilgon's items have been depleted so the prudent course of action would be to play it safe and try to survive the theorized ten minute phase. However, Sunraku is built different and decides to challenge Wethermon head on!


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