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The 8th edition of the soft vinyl series [Tenori Friends] with cute adult designs is the second edition of reptiles and amphibians due to its popularity.

- The first lineup includes tree frogs that are perfect for the rainy season, maltapio frogs with cute round eyes, bearded lizards that are popular pets, and crocodiles, turtles, and snakes!
- The Wooper Looper, which was out of stock last time, will be commercialized again.

- Colored soft vinyl dolls (10 types in total)
1. tortoise
2. leopard gecko high yellow
3. spectacled caiman
Four. tree frog
Five. paul python
6. Maltapio frog
7. bearded dragon hypozero
8. bearded dragon red
9. Hill gecko
Ten. wooper looper

- 1 gum (soda flavor)

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