Yuru Camp: Rin Shima Furisode ver. 1/7 Scale **PRE-ORDER**

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ETA June/July 2021

Megami Device is a series of plastic model kits that allow you to assemble your own fully poseable model and equip her with weapons and armor. Megami Devices utilize a main body known as a "machinika" designed by Masaki Apsy, which are then customized by a range of guest designers. The designers for SOL Hornet in this new LOW VISIBILITY color variant which comes with newly designed decal are Kouhaku Kuroboshi and Takayuki Yanase!

Model Specifications:
- This unit comes in a Low Visibility color variant.
- Set includes decals such as eyes and markings.
- 3 different pre-painted face parts per character are included.
- Display in "Busou Mode" (Armed Mode) with mechanical armor or "Sotai Mode" (Unarmed Mode) without mechanical armors through the use of exchangeable parts.
- This armor can be combined with SOL Road Runner to assemble into "Full Armor Mode".
- The base body can be articulated, allowing for more natural posing options (such as when posing with weapons or when sitting down).
- Set includes various weapon/armor parts such as a helmet, Beam Sword, and Beam Gun in order to recreate various combat scenes.
- The back arms and wings that include a roll axis can be used for a large variety of customizations and can be used as a movable frame.
- The item features 3mm connection points that are compatible with previously released items from Kotobukiya's M.S.G series, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl series.
- Set includes 5 types of PVC hand parts (a total of 10 hands). The hand parts are compatible with previously released M.S.G series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series items.

(This item is a reproduction.)

Scale: 1/1
Product Material: PS.ABS.POM.PVC
Product Height (mm): 140
Product Height (in): 5.51in