Zoids - Iron Kong PK (HMM042)

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── Far surpasses Normal Iron Kong! [Iron Kong] Appeared in PK division specifications!

--PK-Plouizen Knights-A guard who protects Emperor Rudolf, who has a force comparable to one division. The main Zoids of the Pleuzen Knights is [Iron Kong PK].

――The large vernier [High Maneuver Booster Pack] mounted on the back improves the maneuverability, and the beam launcher and the dual pulse laser gun enhance the firepower in a large volume.
--The power cable has been changed to a high-density design as an arrangement unique to HMM. You can enjoy free action with the internal wire.

-The large vernier [High Maneuver Booster Pack] mounted on the back has a movable vernier thruster and can be tilted horizontally. It can also be transformed into a support fighter as an HMM original gimmick.
――The base of the beam launcher can be moved flexibly, and you can pose to shoot the beam launcher over your shoulder like the original version of TAKARATOMY (at that time Tommy).
--The [10 barrage self-guided rocket launcher] on the shoulder can be opened and closed.
――The power cable has a structure that allows the wire to pass through the inside of the parts, so you can enjoy free action.