The Most Notorious Talker Runs the World's Greatest Clan (Manga) Vol. 4

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Upon meeting the swordsman Koga, Noel is drawn to the Easterner's precise and refined strength. Koga, though magically enslaved to serve as a Mafia enforcer, finds himself drawn to Noel's unyielding strength of will. When mob boss Albert Gambino decides to eliminate Noel, he calls upon Koga to do the deed! A fierce battle ensues, and only Alma's timely intervention keeps the fight from being fatal. Noel discovers the conspiracy that put Albert Gambino at the head of the Gambino family and pushes for a rematch with the Longswordsman. But Noel's latest plans are about to be complicated by the appearance of a certain scheming clown who will not be talked out of bloodshed!

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